The Headless Batsman
Model no.            Rc0604
Name.                The Headless Batsman
Task.                  To Hit Homeruns/Security
Built.                   2004
Place.                 Berlin
Features.            Two arms one leg and no head
Energy.               Compressed Air
Control.               Human Interface Controller
Favourite bat.      Aluminium Tension tx7
Description.        This pneumatic knockout has proven to be a hit
                          so far. Although he is still in his early years he
                          seems to be sparking an interest in the baseball
                          world in the states.
                          The batter has three moves of which can be
                          combined to create a hard fast swing.
                          Arms drop/straighten.Shoulder tilt. Hip rotation
                          with follow through .

Name .              Pitching Machine
Year of build.     2003
Place of build.   Berlin
Weight.            11 kilos
Magazine capacity. 10 ten balls
Ball speed.       30-120kmh
Material.           Steel ,aluminium,One poppet valve ,one electro
                        pneumatic one buffer tank5l
Power.              Compressed air 4-8bars,220volts ac
Controls.          Joint controls with the batsman
Description.      The pitching machine is basically a semi-automatic
                        high pressure laser guided cannon.The barrel is
                       actually a sawn off fire extinguisher screwed directly
                       to a one inch port poppet valve,behind the valve is the
                       pressure tank.(the 8 bars air pressure for the pitching
                       machine and the robot is supplied from a screw compres-
                       -sor).Mounted on top of the barrel is a double rod
                       actuator with a ring welded horizontally on the end.
                       Directly above the ring is a vertical magazine containing
                       ten balls.The balls drop one at time in to the ring ,the
                       actuator pushes the ring forward over the edge of the
                       barrel.After dropping down on to a small guide the ball
                       rolls backwards into the barrel. Behind and above than
                       the ring is a steel strip which holds the other balls in
                       the magazine until the actuator with ring returns.