CeLL by Miles van Dorssen & Nick Wishart
CeLL is a loud and thumping installation able to perform a great variety of compositions. It can be programmed to play a set repertoire, played live through interfaced electronic instruments or programmed remotely via an internet interface. Through the later, it is possible for anyone in the world to compose music for CeLL. Tunes can be composed or arranged in MIDI for CeLL to perform and your contributions can be uploaded via the internet.
Externally, CeLL could be considered the epitome of minimalist visual sculpture. It is the aural elements that make it special. The mechanisms inside and, of course, the massive sound emanating from this banal steel box, make it an exciting and mysterious anomaly.
'CeLL is an industrial strength music box making use of the voluminous acoustic boom that a 6m shipping container can offer. CeLL operates as a self-generating symphony, converting digital data into spontaneous rhythmic sequences. At times a raucous cacophony emits from the open doors, at others a rhythmical pounding evokes the universal urge to dance. Painted with motifs of clouds and sky, the box is closed off by bars running across its front, a frustrating prohibition between bodies and the thunderous machinery inside. As loud as CeLL is at its peak, there is something about the quality of this loudness that presses you to want to get right inside of it, so its rhythms can really vibrate your bones. The comic element to CeLL is in the unexpected shifts and clashes of tempo, in the way it becomes an organism with its own pulsing personality, oscillating curiously between mechanized factory and shantytown one-man band- minus the one man.'  Bryoni Trezise, Real Time Magazine.

For more info on CeLL and composing music for it see http://www.cell.org.au