Johnny Pneumatic (retired)

Name.            Johnny Pneumatic  (J.P)
Year of build.   1996
Place of build.  Berlin
Weight.           60kilos
Height.            90cms
Materials.        steel ,1  12vdc motor ,1 high rpm air motor,
                      8 air actuators and 12 electro pneumatic valves.
Power.            Compressed air 8 bars,12volts dc,24volts dc and
                      220volts ac.
Controls.         One tethered remote control ,
                      As J.P was the first of my mechanical creations he
                      is soon due for retirement or a complete  overhaul.
                      He has mainly been a boxing robot but has been
                      known to try his hand at drumming ,painting ,
                      dancing ,smoking and even as a bouncer for a bar.J.P
                      certainly has been a hard working machine over the
                      years bringing a smile to faces of all ages.