Barry Frutti
Name.              Barry Frutti
Year of build.     2004
Place of build.   Oakland  california
Weight.            18 kilos
Height .            80 cms
Materials.         Steel pipe bends , two large door hinges,part
                        of a drain cover one air actuator,two electro
                        pneumatic valves and a set of silicon dentures.
Power.              Compressed air 6-8bars,24voltsdc.
Controls .         Tethered joystick /midi
Description.      Barry Frutti is a distant cousin of Tutti Frutti.
                        He is a later model and has upgraded movements .
                        Instead of two actuators in the arms he has only
                        one.This is placed in his back connecting his
                        shoulders to his hips. He also hangs the  right
                        way up on his trapeze and is able to start his
                        swing by lifting his knees, when they are fully
                        lifted his hips will start to arch forward and
                        then back again.He swings very graciously and is
                        one of my favourites .