Tutti Frutti -Knuckels

Name:              Tutti Frutti
Year of build.     2000
Place of build.   Berlin
Weight.            19 kilos
Height .            100 cms
Materials.         Cast steel parts ,two electro pneumatic valves,
                        two air actuators and a set of plastic dentures.     
Power.              Compressed air 6-8bars.24volts dc.
Controls.           Tethered joystick./midi
Description.      Tutti frutti is a trapeze monkey .A comical
                        charachter that comes with his own trapeze
                        from which he hangs upside down .Using the power
                        from his arms he can make sit up movments which
                        bring him into a swing .He will stay swinging gaining
                        speed at the same time.He comes also with a mini
                        swing which can be assembled when there arent
                        rigging possibilites.He is cute but if you get too
                        close he might wee on you!!