Big Foot
Model no.       Rc00402
Name.            Big Foot
Task.             Walking Machine
Built.              2000
Place.            Berlin
Materials.       Steel, aluminium,plastic,Three air actuators,
                      three electro pneumatic valves ,motor-bike
                      plastics ,headlights, one on board buffer tank  
Features.        two legs+feet ,one set of handle bars ,one head
Extras .          Flame thrower +smoke machine
Energy.          Compressed Air
Control.          Human interface foot switch type controller
Favourite bot. Ed209
Description.    Big foot is a walking machine and yes it has large
                      feet.This helps for the balance.To enable it to
                      walk it requires a driver.There is a platform on
                      top of the two legs upon which the driver stands,
                      shifting your wait to one side will balance the
                      machine on one foot,only then can you activate
                      that leg .The whole machine including yourself
                      will then take a step forward ,by completing the
                      first step you then shift your wait to the opposite
                      side  .This leg is now of the ground and can be
                      returned at the same time as you step forward on
                      the leg that you are now standing on.This sequence
                      is then repeated to keep walking.