Big Bob
Model no.       Rc0704
Name.            BIG BOB
Task.              Multiple moves to wave and to Squirt
Built.              2004
Place.            Berlin
Features.       Two legs arms hands feet and head . built in cannon
Energy.          Compressed Air+24vdc
Control.          Human interface  type controller+Computer control
Favourite City. Sheffield
Description.     Big Bob is a complete torsoe,this guy can bend
                     down ,stand up, turn his waist ,bend his back ,
                     move his shoulders in all directions,bend his elbows ,
                     open and close hands,wave,has facial movement and
                     also a gun with a nice that allows it to fold up out of
                     the back and swing round above the shoulder.Once in
                     position it then shoots water up to several meters.
                     Soon to come Big Bob will be weighing in his feet for
                     a set of tank tracks so watch out.